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Mrs. Valerie Scott Price

Valerie Scott Price, MS Ed

Getting Educated To Understand Parenting

The GET UP Project provides parenting education and resources to inspire and prepare those caring for children and youth to be the most effective and resourceful parents possible. The intent is to be a driving force in getting caregivers geared up and knowledgeable about how their contributions can significantly influence their child?s success. The GET UP Project provides services to prepare adults who nurture, educate, and care for children and youth in ways that foster optimal success in educational, emotional and social development.

Here at The GET UP Project we seek to highlight the importance of ?understanding? in fostering positive relationships between individuals who find themselves in ?parenting? roles (hereafter referred to as trustees) and the children and youth that they seek to educate, guide, protect, and nurture.

Presentations & Games

The GET UP Project strives to prepare parents and trustees to be most effective and resourceful as possible. Our program provides workshops and resources to adults and parents, including but not limited to birth parents, foster parents, grandparents, extended family members caring as parents, day care providers, teachers and all others who care for children. We call these people trustees of children. The intent is to be a driving force in getting caregivers and trustees knowledgeable about how their contributions can guarantee their child?s future success.

Mrs. Valerie Scott Price conducting a GET UP Project workshop


What Did You Say?
Once Upon A Time
Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
This Isn't Your Mother's Kindergarten
It's Okay to Say No!
Parenting and Being a Trustee
Got Skills
Math is More Than Counting
Look What I Can Do!
Making Homework Work
Miscellanous Topics


Body Bingo
Use Your Manners Bingo
Shape Up for School©


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